On The Set – AMC’s “The Walking Dead” – Gallery One

“The Walking Dead”

Airs on AMC –  Sundays @ 9:00 pm

Frank Darabont
Darabont framing a shot.

Ernest Dickerson doing his thing

Director and Make Up FX Ghuru Greg Nicotero



  1. Maggie is so hot lol. Just had to say that.

    Nice collection of photos. I found a really cool photo from season 3 I can send it to you. Unsure if you posted it in the past. Forgive me, but my mind is shot these days lol.

    By the way where is Shane lol he was my favorite character.

    • yeah Maggie is hot for sure. There is a pic I attached to a recap post of Maggie where they are clearing out some walkers and she has a machete and is plowing down zombies. She looks amazing. Send me that pic please. I’d like to see it. Shane will most likely be in Gallery 2 which should post this weekend, Thanks!

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