“The Walking Dead” Issue #104











The Walking Dead Issue #104

Art by Charles Adlard

Story by Robert Kirkman

I must admit that this latest issue of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead is probably one of the best of the most recent issues to come along in a long while. It’s gripping, exciting and full of suspense from the first panel all the way to the last.










Here’s the lowdown on Issue #104 –

– Negan and his men eventually leave the group after he whispers in Rick’s ear. (See Issue #103) He boasts that he and his men have made them safer already by eliminating the walkers outside the gate. He tells the group that he and his me are nice people if they would get to know them better.

– Rick is forced to admit to the group that he is not in charge anymore and he angrily asks if anyone wants to take their chances out on their own.  He then asks for everyone to start doing an inventory of the goods. Both food and medical supplies.

– Rick then heads home and from the bottom of the stairs he yells up to Carl to come down so they can talk. Carl never responds.

– As Negan as his men drive off we are shown Carl, packing a machine gun, hidden in the back of Negan’s truck. Hands down one of the best reveals in TWD history. The hairs on the back of my neck stood right the fuck up!

– Dwight ends up at a nearby outpost and as he tries to be let in, the guard alerts Dwight to his “Admirer” who happens to be Jesus. The guard gets some of his people to surround Jesus and after he is asked to stand down gets into a fight with the two extra goons but unfortunately he is bested and Dwight decides to take him to Negan for questioning.

– As Dwight’s jeep reaches the Hilltop they stand by waiting for the gates to be cleared away by stray walkers. It is here that Jesus makes an escape and slips away from behind the vehicle. Dwight, obviously ashamed makes his partner at the wheel promise not to mention any of what happened.

– Once inside the gates he runs into Negan who doesn’t seem all that happy to see Dwight. Dwight seems a bit scorned as Negan turns away practically disregarding him. Negan tells his men to hurry up and unload the trucks.

– As two men start unloading mattresses, one of them sees Carl and is caught of guard. Carl immediately starts shooting tearing the two men to shreds. This obviously gets Negan’s attention. He runs back to the truck while Carl demands that Negan by turned over to him.

– At first Negan thinks Carl’s assault is cute but eventually he admits that Carl scares the shit out of him. As he tries to approach Carl, Carl opens up again with the machine gun. He wastes two more men but then loses his grip on the machine gun.

– Dwight heads over to him and begins to kick Carl. Negan, pissed off, yells at Dwight to stop beating on a defenseless child.

In conclusion, while Carl is down on the pavement, Negan says to his men: “Is this anyway to treat our new guest?” – Don’t miss this one gang! Enjoy.



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