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Everyone loves a good Shark flick. Some may stand out way more to some than others and they run the gamut. Low budget, found footage, blockbusters (Jaws) and Mockbusters to some really average to mundane entries (Bait). I’ve compiled a  few here from some good, some bad and some really ugly. Hope you like it.


10 – Shark Attack 3 – Megalodon

Oh boy. What can I say? This move is so bad that it ‘s..well, no. It’s just so bad.  But this shark attack hands down had to make my list.

“Please, let me die now so I don’t have to make more sequels”

9 – Open Water

This couple just was not lucky at all that day. They get left behind in the open ocean and what ensues is sheer terror.

“Remind me never to let you plan our vacations”

8 – Zombie  (Shark attacks Underwater Zombie)

Talk about a battle royale. A great white gets one upped by the walking dead who is just taking a leisurely stroll across the Atlantic.

“C’mon! I’ve eaten Tunas bigger than you!”

7 – Great White attacks a 747 in “Megashark vs Giant Octopus”

You just have to see it to believe it

I have absolutely no words for this one.

6 – Stellan Skarsgard gets a teethy surprise in “Deep Blue Sea”

“Oh shit. Is it the after shave?”

5 – Great White attacks Helicopter in “Jaws 2”

I love this scene. I totally didn’t see that coming.

“Crap. This was supposed to be my day off”

4 – Water Skier gets chomped on in “Jaws 2”

When that fin broke the surface to chase down the Water Skier I almost crapped by pants.

I bet she wishes she would have stayed on the beach

3 – Chrissie Watkins gets attacked in the opening of  “Jaws”

One of the most terrifying deaths scenes in film history. Actress Susan Backlinie’s portrayal of a woman under attack from a predator from the deep remains to this day an ear piercing, heart pounding death. Hard to watch for many people. Yeah, It’s that shocking.

2 – Samuel L. Jackson gets owned by 2 Makos in “Deep Blue Sea”

Poor Sam Jackson. His attack by a genetically enhanced super-shark is hands down the best scene in this movie. I jumped so high out of my chair when after a  motivational speech to the troops he just get pulverized into fish bait by the massive makos. One of the best attack scenes ever shot in my opinion.

He could have used the Force but it doesn’t work underwater

1 – Quint’s Death in “Jaws”

Robert Shaw’s agonizing screams during his attack in the finale of Jaws is my favorite attack scene of all time. The way Quint struggles to get leverage on the deck of the Orca and failing, after Brody tries to hold on to him, is horrifying to watch. Then the shark’s massive teeth pierce the flesh of his belly and it’s all over with. Even the machete he wields is of no use. One last chomp down on his gut and Quint just vomits blood. Brutal and gruesome. Excellently staged, shot and performed by Spielberg, Shaw and the crew.

Now this is a clash of the titans