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Ian McKellan as “Gandalf”


Director Peter Jackson on the set of “The Hobbit”










The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey


Directed by Peter Jackson



Just when I thought that Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” Production Diaries were the most intensely entertaining and educational behind the scenes Videos ever, comes Jackson’s most rousing, intelligent and up close and personal Productions Vids yet. They are grand and very stunning to watch. Jackson takes on just about every aspect of the production and takes us on the journey with him. The logistics of heading a production of this size is amazing and mind boggling. Jackson and his cast and crew pull it off. It’s a great watch for aspiring filmmakers and movie buffs alike. Enjoy the Production Vids 1 thru 8 brought to us by MrIssacAttacks over from You Tube. Enjoy!



The Hobbit Production Videos (HD) 1 – 8

(Once again thanks to MrIssacAttacks!)