Vic’s Top 5: Picks for next “Star Wars” Director


5) Steven Spielberg

Track Record – Close Encounters,  Minority Report,  Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds

4) J.J. Abrams

Track Record – LOST, Star Trek and Super 8

4) Duncan Jones

Track Record – Moon and Source Code

3) Brad Bird

Track Record – The Incredibles, The Iron Giant and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

2) Christopher Nolan

Track Record – The Prestige, Memento, Inception and Batman Begins

1) Joss Whedon

Track Record – Serenity and The Avengers


      • I don’t see anything darker coming from the star wars universe under Disney’s rule but if they did let another production company make the film and then share profits their could be one of the darker novels i have heard of being made. Some of them are really good 😀

        ‘Death Troopers’ sounds the weirdest haha, a no no for disney though 😦

      • I tried my best to stay caught up with the novels. I believe I read some of Timothy Zahn’s books but they started to come out as if on an assembly line. I couldn’t keep up lol.

  1. I keep hearing Whedon’s name being thrown around for this but I think there’s also something about him being too involved with Marvel now or the next Avengers coming out at the same time as the newest SW so he wouldn’t have time…

  2. I’ve heard Whedon and Abrams’ names thrown around a lot, but I just don’t see how they could with their commitments to the Star Trek and Avengers series’, respectively.

    One that went through my mind was Guillermo Del Toro…who, if I remember correctly, has a production deal of some sort with Disney…remember he was announced to do a new Haunted Mansion film a year or two ago?

    • Yes! I recall that. Del Toro would be incredible. You make a good point about Abrams and Whedon being tied up with other projects. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I agree with most. Realistically I don’t see Whedon, Nolan, Abrams or even Spielberg coming on board for something this ambitious. Also considering most of these Directors aren’t simply ‘for hire’, as they get rather involved in the projects they do, in terms of writing, producing, etc.

    Brad Bird is a good possibility. I would LOVE Andrew Stanton, as he’s already shown us that he can do the big sci fi world building stuff in JOHN CARTER, as well as adapting others’ source material. But considering the fallout, I doubt Disney would let him help something as big as STAR WARS.

    • Stanton would be a great fit but I agree about the fallout. Too bad. I thought I heard Joe Johnston’s name mentioned too. Rian Johnson might work out as well if they offered it to him. Someone even said the Wachowski Bros. should do it. Dunno know about them but it is an interesting choice. Thanks for stopping by!

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