“The Walking Dead” Season #3 Episode #3 (Recap)








NOTE: Spoilers ahead, gang.

This Episode is a –  “Catch it when you can”

“Walk with Me”

Directed by Guy Ferland

This 3rd episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead starts off with quite a bang. A military helicopter out doing an air recon runs into mechanical problems and is forced to crash land in a clearing near some woods that Michonne and Andrea are walking nearby. They witness the crash and quietly move in to take a look.  They find the crew dead and the pilot barely alive.  Suddenly a group of survivors arrive in a caravan and Michonne and Andrea hang back as to not be seen. They are all armed and appear dangerous. The leader dispatches one of the crew who had turned and they gather up the pilot. Michonne’s walkers, though, get restless and start to make noise. In order to quiet them Michonne decaps them both. But it’s too late because as soon as they try to leave they get caught by no other than MERLE…yeah Merle. The insanely cool Micheal Rooker is back. Bam!!!








Merle now sports a prosthetic hand that can have different attachments put on. The women are taken back to Woodbury where Andrea tells Merle everything that has happened since Atlanta including Hershel’s Farm and the herd attack.  He then tells her how he was found in Atlanta after hacking off his hand and has now moved up in the ranks and is The Governor’s (David Morrissey) right hand man. The women protest to being holed up in one room but The Governor reassures them that it is just a precaution. He tells Andrea that they are being treated well and eventually he gives them a room. Michonne remains suspicious.  She wants their weapons back and she remains unimpressed by how the town of Woodbury appears. The Governor tells the women that no matter how you die, if you get bitten or not, you still become a walker. He takes the women on a tour of the town which has food, supplies and medicine and the walls are armed by Merle and his men. They even pick off some walkers as the women watch.







The Governor from the Comic Books after Michonne gets through with him!








The Governor asks Michonne and Andrea to dinner to placate them and put them at ease. Michonne is not receptive at all and she eyes her sword nearby in the dining room. After The Governor explains the rules of Woodbury like curfew and stuff like that he leaves them to try and get used to the town and the people. Afterwards The Governor, Merle and some others take a trip outside Woodbury to a place where the injured pilot claims there were vehicles and ammunition. Once they arrive they engage the soldiers by telling them that they have the pilot nearby and are helping him. Unfortunately they all open fire on them (some from the surrounding foliage) and eradicate them all. They then proceed to steal the vehicles and the ammo. This scene was a bit unbelievable to watch though since these regular shmoes take out some trained soldiers and not one of The Governor’s men gets hit. Oh well. Once they return The Governor gives some lame speech then heads home not before Andrea tries to get The Governor to reveal his real name. It doesn’t work. The Governor gets home and he heads into his secret room. I was psyched for this scene since it was done with frightening effect in the Comic Books. I was not disappointed. The Governor sits quietly in front of a wall of Aquariums full of severed heads. His newest addition is the injured pilot who he ended up killing off after all. Creepy shit and about the only other thing interesting about the episode which bored me a bit. Merle’s return is the other thing about it.


  1. Okay, I couldn’t actually read what you wrote because I haven’t seen any of the new season yet but since I’m staying with friends who have actually television and on demand, I am hoping to get all caught up!!! And then I can revisit!

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