Bryan Singer back to “X Men” and Disney buys “The Force” and “Indiana Jones”

Disney has acquired Lucasfilm Ltd. for a 4.05 Billion Dollars. Co-Chair Kathleen Kennedy will become President of the Company and will answer to Disney President Alan Horn. Lucas who owns 100% of Star Wars  and the Indiana Jones Franchise will have Kennedy serve as the “Brand” manager for everything Lucasfilm owns. Kennedy will serve as Executive Producer on the next Star Wars film (Episode 7) that was just announced by Disney / Lucasfilm.  Then 2 more SW films are planned after. Lucas will serve as a Creative Consultant on any projects directly related to Star Wars.

Director Bryan Singer (Apt Pupil and The Usual Suspects) has been confirmed as the Director of the “X-Men First Class” sequel, “X Men – Days of Future Past.”  He takes over from Director Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass). “Future Past” is being written by Vaughn based on the popular story arc by John Byrne  (The Next Men) A release date has been set for July of 2014.

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