“The Walking Dead” Season #3 Episode #2 (Recap)









NOTE: Spoilers Ahead, gang.

This Episode is a “Don’t Miss!”


Directed by Billy Gierhart

Things get absolutely insane and intense with the second episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead named “Sick” and this episode is sick indeed. Rick, Daryl, T-Dog and the others try desperately to save Hershel after Rick amputates his bitten leg. Daryl, keeping an eye on the room sees inmates in the adjoining room and things get very hairy. Four inmates, one of them armed slowly come out of the room and appear startled and surprised by Rick and the others. The one who seems in charge, named Tomas (Nick Gomez) is a real asshole through and through. He is abrasive, suspicious and violent. The band of four prisoners follow Rick and the others to the cell block where the women tend to Hershel and Rick deals with the prisoners who are trying to keep the prison to themselves by staking a claim to it. Rick says no way since they cleared out the walkers and got inside on their own, the prison is theirs.

They come to an agreement with them. They get half the food and Rick and the men will clear out a cell block of walkers for them. They MUST stick to their side of the prison or there will be consequences. Rick asks Glen to stay with Hershel but gets coerced by Carol into getting a walker to examine in order to learn anatomy (a  C-section as well) now that Hershel is sick. She gets spied on by an unknown person outside the prison gates. Carl ventures into the prison deeper, kills two walkers (which would have been cool to see) and brings back medical supplies back to Carol and Lori for Hershel. Even though he feels great about it Lori still gives him shit and he runs out pissed off. Rick tells Lori that the prisoners are dangerous and he may have to dispatch them in order to keep  them safe. She understands and trusts him to do the right thing.








Rick, Daryl and T-Dog take Tomas and the others to clear out walkers but they are unorganized and do not make kills to the head. This is fixed by Rick, who tells them how to kill the zombies correctly. One of them, a big dude named Big Tiny breaks off and gets scratched and cut by a walker. Pleading for them to leave him alone and that he is ok, Tomas violently charges him and literally crushes his head into jello. Rick and the others notice right away that Tomas is indeed very dangerous and a killer. He revels in it. Daryl tells Rick just to give him a sign or warning and he’ll take out the prick. Later when Rick tells Tomas that he needs to open just one door to access the walkers he actually opens two and lets in a bunch of them. He even throws a walker at Rick and they both tumble to the ground. Daryl saves Rick and when he faces off with Tomas, after killing the walkers, plunges his machete right into his fucking head!!! Epic. Rick is showing some balls now! Just an insane scene. The  sidekick, Andrew makes a run for it and gets caught outside without protection with a bunch of walkers. Rick does not let him back in and he locks him out. Rick hated to do it but he had too.








The rest of the inmates, there are only 2 left, are taken to the promised cell block after Rick lets them live, one of them pleading that they are not violent criminals. He tells them that they are actually the lucky ones. They leave them alone and cut off at their cell block. T-Dog suggests to them to take the dead outside and burn them. Also Hershel awakens after Lori gives him mouth to mouth (not a good thing to do in my book) after he stops breathing. In conclusion, Rick and Lori try to speak privately but Rick seems uninterested and a bit cold even though he does tell her that she is not a bad mother even though she thinks she is.


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