“King Kong” (1976) Posters, Lobby Cards and Production Stills

“King Kong” (1976)

Directed by John Guillerman

Starring Jessica Lange / Jeff Bridges / Charles Grodin


  1. Great gallery. Glad you are digging this.

    I tried to send this to reddit (also tried my NY Ripper review) won’t post it. I guess I broke their rules too many times lol. Ah well. I actually brought in some views from there,,but their rules are insane.

    • Thanks for trying but yeah that shit is just too crazy over there. Thanks for the RT and for stopping by. I really enjoy doing these. 😀

    • Oh yeah indeed. One poster of the 76 Kong has him standing on the WTC with one foot on on each Tower. They made him so much bigger in the posters than he was in the film. He seems a lot more fierce looking and it appears he is fighting Jets in the posters as opposed to helicopters in the film itself. There are other great comparisons too. I love the one of Kong destroying the train. Looks incredible. Thanks for stopping by Maurice! I appreciate it!

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