“The Walking Dead” Season #3 Episode #1









NOTE: Season 2 of The Walking Dead has been recently added to Netflix Instant Streaming and Episode 1 of Season 3 picks up several months after the end of Season 2’s finale “Beside The Dying Fire”

WARNING: (Spoilers Ahead)


Directed by Ernest Dickerson

Spike Lee’s former DP, Ernest Dickerson (Juice, Tales from The Hood) directs this exciting, suspenseful and brutal episode which is the first episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead’s 3rd Season. The episode is named appropriately “Seed” and it’s written by scribe Glen  Mazzara.

Several months have passed since the tragedy of Hershel’s farm and everyone is either way pregnant (Lori) or sporting large beards and long hair. Shit, even Carl now looks like he has aged 7 years. They travel from house to house trying to find some shelter and food and they find that the food is scarce and expired. To top that off walkers are always right behind following their scent. The start of the episode shows all of this wonderfully and you really feel the sense of dread and desperation that Dickerson establishes. Everyone is angry, tired, unclean and lonely. Not a great way to start off the season. After a herd of walkers forces them to escape the band of survivors gather at a lonely stretch of highway to form a game plan. Rick and Daryl head out to hunt and gather food. While out, Rick happens to catch a glimpse of…an abandoned Prison Complex. It’s over-run with walkers but in a slow zoom in on Rick’s face we see that his brain is quickly thinking up of a way to make the Prison work for the survivors. Since he feels the prison was over-run early he thinks they still may be food, water and meds inside so he persuades them to make a go for it.








Meanwhile, Michonne played the bad ass Danai Gurira  is gathering meds (aspirins) at a drug store and she happens to dispatch a walker that is stuck inside. She grabs the medicine she needs and heads over to where she is keeping a very ill Andrea (Laurie Holden) cool in a freezer. Laurie seems to be in pretty bad shape and she has a powerful cough but Michonne sticks to helping her heal and feel better. She forces her to take the meds and drink water. Andrea, though, wants her to move on and not waste her time and efforts caring for her. Michonne declines and tells her that they need to move on anyway but will do so together. Andrea tells her that if she is to stay then she will surely die. Michonne collects the two jawless and armless zombies she has chained up and her and Andrea leave on foot.

Back at the prison there is an excellent zombie/walker clean up sequence where everyone and I mean everyone is killing off the walkers. At the gates, the lawns, inside the courtyard…everywhere! Carol almost shoots Rick while she fires from a Tower with Hershel. She matter of factly says “Sorry” Carl, Maggie, Daryl and T-Dog all get in on the action and Maggie even surprises herself and Glen with her improvised kills. Some walkers are prisoners and some are inmates. They make it inside a cell block and after clearing it out they start to take cells for themselves and get settled in. Daryl taking a promenade and Carol and Lori taking a cell. Lori tells Hershel that she feels that Carl and Rick hate her for being pregnant with what could possibly be Shane’s child.  She fears the baby may be dead already and could re-animate itself while in her womb.








The next day the men go further into the prison interior to seek out more food, ammo and to turn on the power in other parts of the prison. They make it far inside but eventually get split apart by a surprise group of fast and hungry walkers. Glen and Maggie get locked in a room and Hershel leaving the others behind in a large prison holding room heads back to get them. On the way there he gets bit in the leg by a walker that plays possum. The rest come to his aid and Glen and Maggie make it out as well. They gather back at the room and while Daryl holds off other walkers they lock themselves in. Desperate to find something to do regarding Hershel’s leg, Rick grabs a hatchet and cuts off the bitten part of Hershel’s leg after he ties it off with his belt. It is the best and most intense moment of the episode. Hershel passes out and Daryl spooked by some activity in an adjoining, gated off room,  makes an incredible find…








Episode #2 “Sick” Airs October 20th, 2012 on AMC


Doesn’t Maggie look completely BAD ASS in this pic???



  1. Nice write up Vic. This was a great episode. I like Rick way more now that he isn’t the goody 2 shows anymore. Though my only complaint is I miss Shane. He was my favorite.

    But great start to the season

    • Thanks bro! I don’t miss Shane too much lol. I do miss Dale though, they dispatched him way too early. And Rick is truly more hardcore now. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Man, do I ever love this show. I just started the series last Sunday, and now I’m all caught up! I despised Shane, so I may have been a little too happy when he got killed off. I agree, I miss Dale. He was a little nosy, but he (and Hershell) were like the grandfather figures. My favourite characters are Daryl and Glenn though. Michonne (or whatever her name is) is really awesome. Her sword talents make her look like she just came out of a Quentin Tarantino film. Question: does she have those walkers with her so she doesn’t attract opposing walkers?

    • She keeps them around for that very purpose, yes. Michonne is still to this day one of the best characters in the books and she has had some really great story arcs revolve around her. She is very dynamic and complex. I love Daryl and Glen too. Daryl is a fan favorite and in the books Glen is the bravest soul among them all. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Man, that’s hard. Let’s see. Right now it’s Rick but Daryl is a close second and in the books it has been Rick and Michonne for a long time. Oh and Andrea in the books has been bad ass the whole time since she became a sharp-shooter. At one time there was a dude named Tyrese in the books that was a fave of mine but he was killed off.

      • The books are pretty much divided up by Volumes that cover story arcs. I believe they run about 10 bucks a volume and they usually cover about 6-8 issues depending on the story. Try Amazon for pricing. If you opt for the Omnibus Volumes they cover more issues and run about 40-50 bucks a pop. As far as the characters go in the books they don’t differ that much. The show has stayed true to them very accurately. What differs is how and when they are introduced. Also how long they last in the show compared to the books. For example Sophia is still alive in the books but was killed off in the show. Dale as well was killed off way too soon and Shane lasted way too long lol. It can get pretty convoluted.

      • Okay, I’ll check the pricing! Haha, well that’s not too bad. I wish Dale would have stayed, but I was never a huge fan of Sophia, anyway. Do you like Carl?

      • I do like Carl. I know he gets a lot of grief but he’s a dumb kid and in the books aside from getting shot by Otis he almost gets raped and gets shot through an eye, so, I cut him some slack.

      • I’m not very fond of him, based on what I’ve saw of him on the show. I felt bad when he got shot, but then my liking of him just lowered. Haha, that may be something to look forward to on the show :s He definitely doesn’t sound like he has a very easy time…

      • In the show he indirectly caused Dale’s death so many hate him for that alone lol. In the books he’s not quite as annoying but he does have his moments…

      • Oh yeah that’s true! I mean I didn’t really enjoy him even before that, so when he was screwing with the walker and then Dale got killed, I was really done with him.

      • yeah, he’s the devil’s spawn all right lol. we’ll see if he makes up for all his crap in this season.

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