Vic’s Review – “Scream Blacula Scream” (1973)

When a voodoo high priestess croaks, her ambitious son assumes he’ll be promoted to leader of the cult. Fat chance! After being passed over, the vengeful son reincarnates Blacula (William Marshall). Together, they infiltrate (and contaminate) the voodoo cult until an investigation leads to a bloody confrontation between police and a host of vampires. Co-stars Pam Grier as the object of Blacula’s toothy affection.

“Scream Blacula Scream”

Directed by Bob Kelljan

5 out of 10

You gotta love Pam Grier. She can be a scene stealer as we saw in Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown.” In “Scream, Blacula, Scream!” – the 1973 sequel to “blacula” – Grier is fun to watch as she chews the scenery with William Marshall (a classically trained thespian no less) who plays the pimpiest bad-ass vampire there ever was, Blacula.  It is obviously a blaxploitation film and it never hides that fact. Instead in revels in stereotypes all across the board. The whole voodoo meets Blacula thing is very hokey and never really gels. Can’t blame them for trying.

A jealous rival of Grier’s, who is the apprentice of a voodoo priestess, buys the bones of Blacula. After he revives Blacula, everything goes wrong and the tables are turned on the character, Willis, as he becomes Blacula’s vampire bitch. Are you still with me? I know, these campy movies are very deep. Blacula then asks for Grier’s help to take off the vampire curse. There are plenty of chills and suspense but one can’t help to think that this film is just a B-movie starring an actor who could’ve become A-list. There is a cop in this mess somewhere by the name of Justin and he tries to get to the bottom of the recent murders. But who cares? The more deaths, the merrier.

There are laughable voodoo rituals and voodoo dolls which look like Blacula’s mini me. Afros abound, but Grier wears hers very well. She exudes sexy magnetism and Blacula is willing to please. Grier manages to actually act! She emotes genuine concern for Blacula. She really wants to help but this being a vampire movie the campy plot has to allow Blacula to get his comeuppance. Poor Blacula. We hardly knew ye. Maybe because we lost interest in the first 15 minutes of the film. Blacula is at best, when it’s funny and chilling – a curiosity piece.

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  1. Hey Vic another solid write up. I don’t think I have seen this and if I have too long ago to remember. I saw the first many years ago. I have it recorded on the dvr from a showing back in August. Need to rewatch it.

    As for this one though I mainly wanna see it for Pam Grier. She’s so awesome and beautiful back in the day. Seriously is there a woman more sexy than Pam?

    • No one back in the day was sexier bro. Yeah, she is fun to watch in this movie. She is probably the only saving grace in the film. Shit, she was even great looking in Ghosts of Mars despite that bad hairdo and the outfit she had to wear…Thanks for reading bro!

  2. Have you seen Women in Cages? Pam played a sadistic warden. Good movie and Pam was amazing! I meant to review it. Started it, but never finished it.

    By the way last night I made a list of films using the Zombie name. Oh my lol my head was spinning lol

    • I saw Women in Cages a loooong time ago. Don’t recall it much. Can’t wait for the “Zombie” movie list, man!

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