Netflix Alert! – “The Walking Dead” Season 2 arrives September 30th

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Netflix Alert – “The Walking Dead” Season 2  Oh Yeah!!

There is much cause for celebration for those who subscribe to Netflix Instant Streaming. Netflix will Premiere Season 2 of the insanely popular AMC Original series “The Walking Dead” on September 30th.

The highly anticipated 3rd Season will Premiere on AMC October 14th. So all of you “The Walking Dead” fans have plenty of time to catch up with the series before the Premiere. You could always marathon-watch it. Like I’ve been known to do with some series (Dexter, anyone?) or you can watch one or two episodes a day and still have time.

So, enjoy all of you Zombies acolytes and don’t miss “The Walking Dead” Season 2 on Netflix and the season premiere on AMC of Season 3 on October 14th! Highly recommended. Enjoy.



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