Vic’s Top 5: Best Car Chases

No 5 –

The Blues Brothers

The Mall chase and the absolutely insane Chicago car chase is one of, if not,  the highlight of this iconic
comedy from John Landis.

(Directed John Landis)

No 4 –

Smokey and the Bandit

Who would of thought delivering beer to Texarkana in a Black Trans Am would be downright funny, dangerous and completely wild? Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason make it so in this wildy popular movie that includes some of the best stunt driving caught on film. A classic through and through.

(Directed by Hal Needham)

No 3 –


Steve McQueen handles this car chase with absolute power, tension and plain old bad ass attitude. No CGI. No machine guns or explosions either. Just a simple car chase that is hypnotic and intense. And Steve McQueen looks so damn cool doing it too.

(Directed by Peter Yates)

No 2 –

The French Connection

A no brainer.  It is the top Car Chase ever shot for many fans of this movie. Fast, frenetic, dangerous and long enough to cement a permanent place in car chase history. Hackman is completely in control here and makes it look easy but the look on his face is that of a weary Cop who wants his man caught at all costs. Even if dodging train columns and chasing a train going 90 miles an hour is what it takes. Totally inspired.

(Directed by William Friedkin)

No 1 –


I never tire of this chase. It is my favorite. Cold and calculating, Frankenheimer choreographed this exciting chase brilliantly. It’s a balls to the wall Audi vs BMW chase through narrows streets and freeways. It’s dizzying and stunning to watch. It gets the viewer very involved and it feels like anything could happen while the cars reach incredible speeds.

The replay value of this chase is incredible. It is quite heart-stopping to behold. Highly recommended. The film stars Robert De Niro (In probably his last really cool role) and Jean Reno. A great espionage thriller with a classic car chase to boot.

(Directed by John Frankenheimer)

Honorable Mention –


The Bourne Ultimatum

The Seven Up’s

Gone In 60 Seconds

To Live and Die in LA

The Great Escape

The Matrix Reloaded (Freeway Chase)


  1. DUDE!!! NICE!!!
    I Can TOTALLY Agree With All 5 Choices!!!
    AND, Your Top 3 Are In The EXACT Order I’d Put Them In.
    “RONIN” By Far Has THE BEST Car Chases EVER!!!
    My Friend, This Totally Merits A Reblog!
    Very Cool, Dude.
    Very Cool, Indeed! 😀

    • I’m glad you liked it! This one was fun. I thought I was gonna get shit for putting “Ronin” first lol. I feel better now. 😀 Thanks for the re-blog like always. U Rock Bro.

    • It is, isn’t it? Even De Niro is over looked on this movie. He was awesome in it. Thanks for stopping by, Tom!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Dave. Bullitt is a bad ass movie through and through. McQueen oozes toughness in it. He barely breaks a sweat during the chase, lol

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