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The Walking Dead Recap #100 –

The Issue starts off with some “Saviors” discussing the Safe Zone and having a gripe against the attack at Alexandria.

Aaron and Eric prep for any incursions by the Saviors by taking stock of the firearms and weapons. Meanwhile Eugene mourns for Abraham at his grave.

Spencer tells Andrea, while she is patrolling the wall, that he is happy for her and Rick after she thinks he is going to make a big deal about it. Gabriel, during this, is praying at the church.

The others, which includes Michonne, Rick and Carl, don’t make it to the Hillside before sunset. They camp out for the night. Michonne and Rick talk. Rick tells her that he is thankful and grateful for all she’s sacrificed to stay with them. After he says goodbye to Glen, Rick starts his shift to lookout but gets snuck up on by Negan and a bunch of his men.

Bent on revenge for the saviors that were killed by Rick and the rest, Nagan make the survivors kneel before him. He lines them up and is out to dispose of one of them to prove a point. He uses his bat wrapped in barb wire, “Lucille” to mete out the justice. He tells Rick that they either follow him (also giving up all they own) or they all die. After a long dialog to the group he then chooses Glenn to make a point. He strikes Glenn once and after popping his eye out he then hits Glenn repeatedly with “Lucille” and completely smashes his head into a bloody pulp.

He tells the group that in one week he will return to Alexandria and that by then they will give up half of everything they own. One word for this issue. Brutal. I did not see that coming and I was reeling for over a week after I read this issue. So damn sad and awful. A complete shocker through and through.

The Walking Dead Recap Issue #101 –

In the wake of the terrible events of Issue #100 a grieving and hysterical Maggie assaults and blames Rick for the death of Glenn by the hands of Negan. As she assaults him Carl reaches for a gun and points it at Maggie threatening her. Sophia bites Carl and Michonne and Heath break up the two children. They gather up Glenn’s remains and cart his body back to the truck.

The group heads back to the Hilltop Colony and there is where Maggie tells Rick she and Sophia will be staying. Paul is then shown Glen’s body. Gregory though,  seems more interested with any terms and conditions that may be going on between Negan’s crew and the Hilltop. Rick, angered by this, clobbers Gregory. Paul and Gregory are surprised by the appearance of Negan. They were under the impression that he was just a myth and never even really existed.

Rick, Michonne and the rest leave to head back to Alexandria. They say their goodbyes to Maggie and Sophia. Rick promises Maggie he will make Negan pay for what he did to Glenn.

Back at the colony, Rick sees some abandoned vehicles and worries if it may have been an attack. Andrea and Olivia run to Rick. Rick and Andrea embrace and Andrea proceeds to tell him that they were attacked but that no one was hurt. She did capture one of Nagan’s men. A dude called Dwight. Much to Rick’s surprise. Andrea then asks if Dwight may be of any use to them.

This was a very well done follow up issue to the stunning piece that came before. More of an aftermath type of issue where not much goes on in action or zombies but in the emotions and dire situations the group is subject to. The emotional piece being easily the goodbyes between Rick, Carl and Maggie and Sophia. Now, we all eagerly await where the Dwight storyline will take us.

Enjoy, Zombie acolytes!