“Man of Steel” Teaser with Kevin Costner VO

At first I wasn’t too keen on Clark being some kind of fisherman /  drifter type.  But it may work. And the breaking the sound barrier part is cool, I guess, but it’s been done before, even by Singer. I did like both VO’s though.  What do you all think, gang?  Sound off!

– Vic @ The Den


  1. I like the Costner one more, I feel it carries a little more weight and would like to see that movie. The way the trailer hit me was unexpected, I was assuming this to be a sub par movie.

    • the VO’s great. I dont know which I like more, though. Costner’s being more about choice and Crowe’s about destiny. In any regard they are very poignant. Thanks for checking in.


    • as flawed as Superman Returns was, I would not have minded another by Singer and a return of Routh. WB should have given Singer another shot to fix things. Same with Raimi with Spidey.

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