“The Walking Dead” Issue #98

Jesus, it’s issues like this that really compel me to never EVER stop reading this intense and intelligent drama Comic. So many things happen in this issue so this recap will be brief. I want to avoid as many spoilers as I can so I just may gloss over a few things. Kirkman is quickly moving this story and the characters into  deeper and darker territory. He completely involves us with the drama and outcome of his light speed delivery and zombie action. He is in rare form here. Once again. If that is even possible.

Eugene and Abe are walking over to the Hilltop community to try and see what equipment and supplies they can handle carrying back since they do not have a vehicle they can use to haul anything back. Abe has some reservations. Eugene tries to ease his mind by telling him he’d be able to produce bullets if needed. The conversations turns to how Abe has come to grips with Eugene and Rosalita being a couple. Eugene has his issues with how he sees himself in the relationship and Abe tries to assure him that he wants what is best for Rosalita. He even admits to still loving her. Then…something quite unexpected happens and everything goes completely fucking BONKERS.

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Eugene gets around to claiming a machine gun and is involved in a standoff with Dwight and some bad dudes from the other community. Eugene is out-numbered and completely afraid of what is about to happen to Rick and the others. He is overtaken and kept captive all the way back to the gates of The Community. Dwight is told that Eugene could be a bargaining chip since he is not in any position of power. They haul him back to face off with Rick, Andrea, Michonne and the others. There is a quick but exposing moment regarding Rick, Andrea and Carl just minutes before the mayhem.

Eugene while being held down by Dwight gets very improvisational with his teeth and holds Dwight off until Rick and Andrea start to pick the bad dudes off. This part of the issue is frightening and stunning to read and the way it unraveled left me breathless. Panels goes flying by and in each one we are subject to an amazing piece of brutality. Just amazing.

Rick makes a decision to follow the rest of what is left of the band and kill them so they could not re-group and come back in greater numbers. They run out and come into a pack of roamers. Oh crap.

I have to stop there guys. The last few panels are just too fucking wild. I would not want to spoil that. Just read it and give me some feedback! I think you will be astounded by Kirkman’s and Adlard’s latest fright-fest of an issue. Enjoy!

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