Paul’s Pick – “The Loved Ones” (2009)

Hello readers, this week it’s time for my second pick for Vic’s Movie Den.
After ‘I Saw The Devil’ I thought it would be fun to pick out a movie from an entirely different genre.
But I just love horror too much, so the pick of the week is: “The Loved Ones!”

The Loved Ones is currently on its way to American theaters, 3 years late to the party.
Made in 2009, the movie chronicles the story of a teenager named Brent who finds out that
turning down an invitation to the prom, wasn’t the smartest move he could have made.

By now, most people will have seen the trailer, and some have seen the movie.
It’s safe to say that it definitely is a fun and thrilling ride, and it’s a shame that the people in
America have had to wait for so long to go and check it out.
As some of you know I reside in The Netherlands, and fortunately we mostly get movies a bit earlier than the rest of the world.
But, this isn’t about my whereabouts, it’s about ‘The Loved Ones’ of course!

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The movie is shot in that late 2000’s style that we have grown accustomed too.
It’s got that ‘HD’ feeling to its shots, but it adds some much needed grit to it.
By no means is this your run of the mill horror movie, and even though it does tread well known grounds, it’s got a big plus over a lot of others: It’s got an epic villain.

If there’s one woman who qualifies as a memorable horror villain it’s Lola.
Absolutely, Positively, Batshit Crazy is what she is.
You always get a glimpse of her sanity, hidden somewhere in her persona, and it’s what makes her flawed and ultimately there’s even a part of me who started to like her as well because of it.
Reviewing this is actually quite hard because most of what makes this movie great is stuff you guys and girls need to see for yourselves. Just know that you’ll come out of it with a big fat smile on your face.
It might not be a contemporary classic in horror yet, but it’s damn sure to give you a bloody good time!

8/10 !


  1. Its great to be on the Den and read as well! Thanks for doing this Vic, love your site!

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