“The Walking Dead” Issues #94 and #95

So, we are at part 2 of  the “A Larger World” story line and the epic drama of the loner caught by Rick and crew, named Jesus, continues. Jesus, while still being held captive at the community, is visited by Carl and they strike up an interesting conversation. Jesus means the group any harm and tries to persuade Carl about his good intentions. Carl listens on but is interrupted by a shocked Rick when he drops in to check on Jesus. Carl matter of factly states that he would of shot Jesus if he was a threat.

Next, they all set out for the “hilltop” where Jesus says overlooks the new community. Rick tells Jesus he has no problem dispatching him if anything goes awry. Jesus agrees. Andrea and Rick argue about her tagging along and Rick loses. She joins him along with Abe, Glenn and Michonne. They eventually find themselves at an abandoned gas station after a long drive. After finding a lone stowaway they encounter some walkers and fight themselves to safety. They all stave away the walkers but not before Jesus, while still bound, helps them out in the fight.

After clearing vehicles off the highway, Jesus gets muddied and later asks to use the bathroom and much to Rick’s surprise he is shown that Jesus has been free from his bonds for some time. He tells Rick that he has passed his “test” of trust. He reveals to them that they have been at the “hillside” the whole time. Kirkman as always, mounts the fear, pressure and anxiety in all of the characters. In Jesus we see that something is boiling right under the surface. On the outside he is friendly and amiable but Kirkman keeps something at bay. Something perhaps sinister and dark. We are are aware that something bad is right around the corner, but what? Another great issue full of great drama and suspense.

Part Three of “A Larger World” is plain and simple a tornado of an issue! It’s so brilliant, bold and bloody. We are introduced to more new characters and Kirkman throws in some mayhem in the mix. The story-line and the pace absolutely picks up with this surprising issue. Despite some of Adlard’s art being a bit wonky (perhaps the inks were to blame) this is a fantastic and powerhouse issue. Obvioulsy I am avoiding spoilers since so much happens in this issue. The story arc comes in wide and there is a great payoff!

Kirkman and Adlard are prepping for 100 issues soon and I believe big things are coming some good and some bad. Issues #94 and #95 are a one-two punch. Enjoy, zombie slayers! It’s good stuff!


    • Thanks for reading, Neil! I try to keep it spoiler free and brief. I aim for brevity and hope my readers enjoy it. Thanks again!

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