AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 2 Episode 9


Another well done and creepily executed episode of The Walking Dead finds Lori recovering from her car wreck. Not before warding off a few walkers that try to break in. She gets to her gun and dispatches them.

Back at Hershel’s farm Carol finds Daryl to help look for Lori who has been missing. Daryl who is still upset and angry about losing Sophia lashes out at her and tells her is is no longer anyone’s errand boy. Carol tells him that she is starting to deal with her death but sees that Daryl is not coping well.

Continuing from the last episode and after killing their two attackers, Rick, Hershel, and Glenn get ready to leave, but more people arrive at the bar looking for the slain Dave and Tony. The three remain  inside until Rick gives away their location and tries to verbally negotiate with the men outside, stating that they killed Dave and Tony in self-defense. The group responds by shooting at them which initiates a deadly standoff.

Meanwhile Shane continues his downward spiral as he lies to Lori after he goes after her and finds her. He claims that Rick and the others made it safe back to the farm. He claims that he was worried about the baby. He accidentally blurbs out about the baby to the group and Carl. Carl is shocked by the news and asks if she can name the baby Sophia if it’s a girl.

Shane and Lori speak privately and he still claims to love her and that they belong together. Hershel, Rick and Glenn barely escape the attack from the other group and Glenn freezes with fear and lack of focus. One of the gunmen becomes impaled on a railing spike and gets rescued by Rick and taken back to the farm blindfolded and tended to by Hershel. Shane objects of course and tells Rick that it’s a bad idea bringing anyone back to the farm.

Lori tells Rick later on that Shane is dangerous and delusional. She tells Rick that she believes that he sacrificed Otis and has been threatening Dale. In conclusion, Andrea, shocked that Dale thinks that Shane is dangerous confronts Shane and admits that Rick may be jeopardizing the group. All in all some great melodrama that is light on zombie action but still a good, well written and tense episode. Recommended!


    • It is and after I thought it was going to stay mired in melodrama it proved me wrong big time! Thanks for reading!

  1. I really enjoyed sounds efx of the walkers vs Lori in her car. The show is getting intense even though I think it would be better if they got on the move and explored new territory.

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