Heavy Rotation – Awolnation – “Megalithic Symphony”

Aaron Bruno and Christopher Thorne teamed up to form the LA based “Awolnation” a highly anticipated CD from Bruno which, though not completely new, has found it’s way to my heavy rotation on my iPod.

“Megalithic” sports Bruno’s distinctive genre hopping vocals in a collection of fast, short and catchy alternatively “cool” tunage. Most tunes like “Jump on my Shoulders” and “Kill your Heroes” stand out with glossy flair and electronically fused soulfulness. “Sail” has a damn good steady beat with a deep vibe and brooding lyrics. “All I Need” is infused with soulful vocals from Bruno and “Wake Up” is motivational at best.

Give Awolnation’s “Megalithic Symphony” a listen and let it sink in as a  infectious little taste of Indie Pop. It is hip, unabashedly timely and is not pretentious. Very recommended.

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