Vic’s Review – “The Innkeepers” (2011)


What’s it About?

In this eerie ghost story, a venerable inn closes after a century in business and the two remaining employees are determined to uncover the truth about longtime rumors that the majestic mansion is haunted — but will they survive their explorations?

“Less is more”

Directed by Ti West

8 out of 10

By Vic

This film has already begun to polarize horror film fans. Some find director Ti West’s little ghost film to be too slow, chatty, empty, un-scary and lacking gore and shocks. In a strange and twisted sort of way, for these reasons alone is why I liked the film. Very much. It isn’t flashy, full of empty shocks that do nothing and loud bombastic music. It isn’t gratuitous in it’s gore and there is no nudity at all. But aren’t these things what make up a horror movie? Well, no. It isn’t much to the surprise of us horror fans that are desensitized by all of the above in modern horror films.

Less is more and Ti West proves it very well here. The film’s eerie, title opening of shots of Inns throughout history backed by Jeff Grace’s unnerving score is unsettling and involving. The credits play out smooth and slowly. Already we are asked to slow down and let things unfold.  Sara Paxton as the slim and awkward Claire and Pat Healy as the slothy, porn addicted Luke are the two leads who portray slacker employees of The Yankee Pedlar Inn which is on the verge of shutting down due to poor business. They are to hold down the fort by themselves in a reputedly haunting Inn.

Their chatter and discourses are smart, witty and natural due to a good, tuned in script by Ti West. We immediately like them though they are hooked on the internet,  (where they watch hauntings on video), drink beer, forget towels and try scaring each other with ghost stories. The have chemistry and they bond. So much the better since when things go bump in the hotel we are frightened for them and care for their safety.

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Paranormal events start to increase as the days and nights go by. There are strange visitors as well like an estranged wife and her child, a creepy old man that insists on a certain room and there is Kelly McGillis as an actress that may not be all she claims to be. These are just more layered elements that creeps out the viewer. The tragedy of what happened in the Inn unfolds as well as Claire digs into the history of the Inn and asks McGillis for spiritual help to make contact. Which is not a good idea at all.

Ti West pleases with scenes full of mood and music. I liked that he plays out sequences with the score playing full out strong, building suspense. Things unravel at the Inn and the glorious camerawork by Eliot Rockett is simplistic and amazing to behold as he frames hallways, staircases and rooms wonderfully.TheInnkeepersKeyHole_031211

“The Innkeepers” has a simple set up, simple story and is self deprecating at times. It’s a haunted Inn movie that really doesn’t feel like a horror picture. It feels like a living and natural piece of cinematic fun that says, “Slow down. You won’t find an obnoxious, loud, balls to the walls horror film here!” It’s true, you won’t, but it will serve as a reminder that “less is more” can be definitely ok once in a while and for Ti West and his film, that is indeed a ghoulish and wondrous thing. Enjoy!

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  1. I was a bit on the fence about seeing this movie. I am not much of a horror fan as the style over substance with more shock gore than a moody story takes over the film. But seeing that the story is a slow burn, I can get behind the idea of this movie. Solid review mate.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the review, thanks for reading. The film is paced in such a fashion that the most jaded horror fan will appreciate it’s effortless ride through mood and suspense.

    • Have you seen House of the Devil? If so, that is the sort of horror film that I love to watch. It doesn’t reach too far for the shock aspect and lets the strong narrative guide the viewer through the paces of the film.

  3. I enjoyed HOTD very much. A nice homage to 70’s classic horror. Good mood, story and pacing. Also Ti West. The Innkeepers carries in West’s same style.

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