Read it now – “The Dark At The End” By F.Paul Wilson

Author F. Paul Wilson does an astounding job capping off his very long run on the Repairman Jack series of books which in turn evolves into the finale of his Adversary Cycle. Nightworld, published in 1993 is that finale. Wilson gave us 15 Repairman Jack novels (as well as the Young Jack series and The Secret History of the World) and in The Dark At The End the gang’s all here.

Glaeken (our hero from The Keep), Rasalom, Weezy, an old friend of Jack’s, “The Lady”, Dawn and her demon baby, Drexler, Julio and of course, RJ’s best friend, Abe. Wilson has been doing an amazing job tying all the complicated loose ends up. From the very beginning it has been leading up to this. How does Rasalom regain his power? Will Glaeken confront him? What will happen to Weezy? What becomes of the mysterious “Lady?” How does Jack fare as “The One?”, What significance does Dawn’s baby play? This and a myriad of other questions are answered in what has become, at times, a very convoluted plot line. The Compendium of Srem, the Sword, The Order, the megalith and the Lodge all play an important part in wrapping things up in this exciting entry.

Wilson promises us a very heavily revised “Nightworld” due in 2012. I have refrained from reading the prior edition in favor of reading the new edition yet to be released. The Dark At The End is a very quick, brief novel that is full of intrigue, suspense, action and foreboding. It is amazing to read as it unfolds into bigger proportions and mystery. I for one am sad to see RJ go. I have been for many years always looking forward to every new RJ book. I guess I grew spoiled. But this last RJ book is a great send off that will leave us fans grateful and fortunate to have been part of the ride.

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