AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 2 Episode 7

“Pretty Much Dead Already”

Wow. Intense. Emotional. Gripping. Exciting. Episode 7 has proven to be one of if not the best entry thus far in The Walking Dead series based on the Comics written by Scribe Robert Kirkman. Writer Scott Gimple and Director Michelle MacLaren have proven to have the ability to make up for a lackluster season with a taut, charged and heart-wrenching episode. This is what The Walking Dead really is and hopefully will continue to be.

Glenn, backed by Dale, makes the announcement to the survivors that there are walkers in Hershel’s barn. This completely takes the group by surprise and they go into a numb shock. Upon hearing this Shane goes bananas and insists either that the barn be cleared of the walkers or they all leave. Rick tries to hold off Shane and tells him that they are guests on the farm and they need to get Hershel’s approval first. This does not sit well with Shane. Rick tries to plead with Hershel but it does not work. Rick tells him if they leave now, especially with Lori being pregnant, they have little hope for survival. Maggie also tries to plead with her father. He tells Rick that if they stay they must treat the walkers like people. They then go out and round up 2 walkers that had been newly found. Before hand Rick tells Shane that Lori is expecting. Shane appears afraid and in shock.

Dale tries to warn Andrea about Shane but she brushes him off. He then grabs the guns and heads off into the woods to hide or bury them but Shane intercepts him. Daryl tries to head off to find Sophia but Carol tells him that she wants him safe. He reacts angrily. He later apologizes to her.

As Rick and Hershel head back to the barn with the noosed walkers, Shane, T-Dog, Andrea and Glenn all watch in horror. Shane tells them that walkers are not people then proceeds to exterminate the walkers much to Hershel, Rick and Maggie’s horror. Shane, out of control and hysteical then unlocks the barn and lets the walkers out. The group with the guns, including Glenn, line up and take the walkers out all at once. It is an intense and frenzied sequence that is well done and horrifying as Rick, Lori, Carl, Hershel, Maggie and the rest watch in terror as the scene unfolds. Then after the zombies are all killed they all pause to take it all in when the barn doors re-open to reveal a zombie Sophia. Daryl stops Carol from running to her daughter as she realizes that it is too late for her. Stoically, once again, Rick take charge and walks over to Sophia and mercifully shoots her in the head.

And that is the way this incredibly well acted and written episode ends. We have to wait until February for the next episode but the show has left us with plenty to talk about until then.


  1. I prefer it when this group is traveling/ exploring. I enjoyed the raw emotion on display as the barn walkers were being put down, and didn’t see the Sophia reveal coming. I hope this show continues to innovate, it was bordering on becoming stale prior to this.

  2. I prefer the survivors being on the move as well. In the comics they never really stay in one place very long. I found the show to be a bit bogged down as well before this episode. FYI-Sophia is alive and well in the comics. Thanks for reading, Erik.

    • Thanks for reading! Sophia’s death scene was indeed sad. It’s rather weird but Sophia is still alive in the comics. Go figure.
      Don’t forget to tune in Sunday night.

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