AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season #2 Episode #6


In all honesty, I felt that The Walking Dead was starting to really get bogged down by heavy handed melodrama. With one more episode to go before the mid-season break the show is finally picking up. This latest entry is simply The Walking Dead I was missing.

Things are not going well on Herschel’s farm. His distrust of the survivors increases greatly as he learns about Daryl stealing a horse in order to search for Sophia. Lori and Rick argue about Herschel expecting them to move on. Lori resents the fact that they are expected to eventually leave in the condition they are all in. To make thing worse, Glenn is told by Maggie to keep the walkers in the barn secret. But Glenn, already conflicted by all he is supposed to keep secret, blurts out both secrets to Dale. Dale approaches Herschel about the walkers in the barn and he tells Dale that his step-son and Wife are in the barn and that they all are “sick”. Dale tells him that it is not safe to keep them there. But Herschel feels that it is not ethical to kill them.

Glenn and Maggie go back into town for supplies and encounter a walker in the Pharmacy. They argue a bit regarding her feelings for the walkers in the barn. Also about how Glenn is used by the group for dangerous missions. They return and Maggie aggressively confronts Lori. Then the episode really picks up. Lori is caught by Rick taking morning after pills and she divulges her pregnancy and her affair with Shane which Rick admits he knew about. After Andrea and Shane ward off some walkers during their search they get super horny and get it on.

Dale then picking up on the recent actions of Andrea and Shane confronts Shane and tells him to stay away from Andrea. He also tells Shane about the gun sight incident with Rick. Shane does not take the threat well and tells Dale that if he continues to make accusations he may react with violence. It is a tense and awesome exchange. It gave me goosebumps. I am glad that the show which is always well acted despite some melodramatic moments, is finally back on it’s legs. Enjoy!


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