“The Walking Dead” Issue #91

Issue 91 starts off with some intense but brief Zombie action when Eric and Aaron both get attacked but are saved,  Aaron by Glen who shoots a walker in the head. Maggie admits to feeling better about having gone out with the group to search for food and supplies. After being away from the community so long they all agree to head back. Back at the community, Rick holds a meeting and lets the group know that he is concerned about running out of food for everyone. He pleads to everyone to start asking around if anyone knows about farming so that they can grow their own food. After the meeting we cut to Carl and Sophia having an exchange about Sophia’s parents and Carl’s eye. Carl realizes that Sophia is staring to accept things a bit better if not a bit oddly regarding her real parents and Glen and Maggie.

This issue contains a very well done if awkward exchange between Rick and Andrea. Andrea states that it feels strange having Nicholas so close to the inner circle. But Rick re-assures her that he is keeping an eye on him. Then it gets weird because Andrea, as she prepares to leave, grasps Rick’s hand. She gets pissed at him after he mentions Dale to her. He also feels that there can never be anything between them. But she disagrees strongly. Rick holds his ground and tells her that he cares for her but they can’t go any further than close friends. Rick does have a valid reason though.

Back at her house Andrea talks to herself about her feelings towards Rick then she mentions Dale and realizes she is talking to Dale’s hat, it’s a glaring, well written scene. The group make it back with the food and supplies and Sophia expresses happiness for seeing Glen and Maggie as they arrive. Abe, though, has reservations about how frequently the group goes out. Before the issue ends, Rick is told rather shortly by Carl that he does not understand how he feels and Rick understands his anger and frustration. At the end it appears that the community may be having some visitors as they reveal someone may be spying on them. A chilling way to end the book. Another strong and dramatic entry that is just starting to simmer on every level. Enjoy!

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