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Is it me but has The Walking Dead become a bit sluggish and melodramatic? It may have something to do with Frank Darabont leaving the production. The show seems to be at a standstill. Once the survivors reached Hershel’s farmhouse the melodrama increased and the zombie action diminished. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it seems that the search for Sophia is going on way too long. Either she is dead or she isn’t.(Even though in the comics she is alive and well).

Darryl still searches for her and comes across an abandoned house where we think she may be hiding. It is a suspenseful moment but it is fleeting. We get more drama involving Shane’s guilt over Otis and there is a burial for him where Shane must speak of him. Glen and Maggie go into town for supplies and they eventually, while alone, get to know each other…really well.

The best part of the episode, when Andrea and Shane aren’t blabbing in a long, drawn out and boring conversation, is when the group encounter a “Well Walker” who may be contaminating the well water supply. The group attempts to snag the zombie using Glen as bait in a hilarious but intense moment. As well there is the problem with Hershel letting Rick know that as soon as Sophia is found they must move on. Rick pleads and Hershel considers the proposal. The “Twist” involves Lori asking Glen to get her a pregnancy test kit from town. We all know where that leads…more melodrama. The show needs to pick up. It has turned into a soap. But at least it is a decent entry. A slow Walking Dead episode is still better than no Walking Dead episode.