AMC’s “The Walking Dead” – Season 2 – Episode 3

Things go from bad to worse in this latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Herschel tells Rick and Lori that he needs to perform surgery on Carl without the supplies needed. The same supplies that Shane and Otis were sent to retrieve from the FEMA station. They allow Herschel to do so. Meanwhile at the High School Shane and Otis are overtaken by walkers. They figure a way out of the school gym and separate. Shane heads for a nearby window to escape. Otis through a staircase which leads outdoors.

Back at the RV, Darryl gets little sleep as Andrea fiddles with a gun and Carol sobs in her sleep. He decides to head back out to search for Sophia and Andrea tags along. During the walk they have a interesting and humorous exchange. Darryl holds hope that Sophia is safe. At the Greene home, Glen and T-Dog arrive and T-Dog gets help for his wound and they offer Rick and Lori help regarding Carl. Glen and Maggie bond.

There is more great drama as Carl comes to briefly but the meat and potatoes of this episode is what really happens between Shane and Otis. Shane does make it back with the medical supplies but without Otis. What really did happen? At the bookends of the episode we see Shane notice a patch of his hair missing. He then proceeds to shave his head in the Greene household. So there should be plenty more great story-lines to come as things will start to unfold between Shane and the rest of the gang. Another great episode if at times a bit plodding but definitely a strong entry. Enjoy, Zombie acolytes!

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