The Walking Dead Issue #90

After a great start to the issue where Rick finally confronts Nicholas at gunpoint, drama prevails and we see no zombie action. Not a bad thing, though. Nicholas surrenders to Rick and the rest. Rick, in his usual fashion, is able to talk sense into Nicholas even at gunpoint. Everyone watching is stunned into silence as Rick takes charge again.

Afterwards, Rick sees Carl and Carl is able to go home. As they walk back home, Carl asks Rick some hard questions regarding strength during hard times and Rick tries his best to re-assure Carl that it is ok to feel, be happy or be sad. It is a very well written and poignant scene. Things do not bode so well for Glen and Maggie. It seems that Maggie cannot feel safe anymore and feels their security is always in jeopardy. She feels that she can’t hold up very much longer. This shocks Glen to his core.

At Rick’s house, he and Maggie are speaking about Carl’s welfare then the conversation turns to Rick and how he really wanted to kill Nicholas. Andrea tries to comfort him during this rough patch where he doubts how much more he can endure when he feels so little now. Suffice it to say like always Kirkman has a bomb up his sleeve and the ending is a doozy. A very dramatic and ponderous issue but very well written by Kirkman who captures the strifes and doubts of the community. Also impeccably drawn by Adlard. Enjoy my zombie children.


    • Do you mean comics or films? I have reviewed Forbidden Planet, Last Man on Earth and the Howard Hawk’s version of The Thing among others, so yeah I do review classic sci-fi. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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