Read it now!- New 52-“Justice League” #2

After the intro issue #1 gave us the Batman/Green Lantern “hour”. Issue 2 unravels at light speed with the intro of Barry Allen as The Flash. He is thrown right into the fire by Green Lantern after he and Batman get their asses handed to them by Superman. The opening battle is capably written and drawn. Jim Lee like always brings his A-game, his panels are interesting and brilliantly composed.

We are introduced to Silas Stone and his son Victor who eventually becomes you-know-who. Silas and Victor have a frosty relationship and we explore why before disaster strikes at the lab. Our heroes are then attacked by Darkseid’s forces who come thru a portal manifested by an otherworldly cube.

There is much more great dialog and interaction between our heroes and the climax regarding Victor Stone is stunning. So enjoy this latest New 52 issue of JL. Of course written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee, Inks by Scott Williams. The issue despite some pacing problems is fast and furious and compelling.

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