“The Walking Dead” Season 2-Episode 1 (spoiler alert)

In anticipation of the season 2 premiere of The Walking Dead, I re-watched all 6 episodes of the 1st season on Netlix. I enjoyed re-visiting the characters, zombies and drama. I even re-read some early issues of the comic book. I wish season 1 had more episodes but it was a great 6 episodes. After waiting what felt like forever season 2 has finally arrived and it starts off with a ghoulish bang.

The show picks up right after the end of season 1. Rick, Shane, Lori, Carl, Dale, Andrea, Glen and the others are attempting to flee the city by interstate (after the disaster at the CDC) in a rag tag, multi-vehicle convoy. They encounter major gridlock when they come across abandoned cars that block their path. Here is when we get a jump start to the show and the season.

While gathering supplies from the cars left behind they encounter what Andrea calls a “Herd”. This is one of the show’s most gripping and terrifying moments as the gang ends up hiding under cars and in Dale’s RV. Andrea gets trapped in the RV and ends up fending for herself with Dales’ help. Some gruesome zombie action ensues that is just plain kick ass. Meanwhile Shane wants to leave because he can’t take being around Carl and Lori anymore. Andrea wants to leave as well.

During the Herd scene Sophia get chased away by walkers and ends up getting lost in the woods after Rick, along with Darryl, tells her to hide in order for him to kill the walkers. A search for her ensues to no avail. They all end up at an abandoned church with a bell on a timer with some walkers in it but no Sophia. More drama is revealed regarding Shane, Andrea and Lori. (Andrea has a hard-on for getting her own gun), Andrea and Dale and Rick and Shane. The episode is brilliantly written, acted and like always David Boyd shoots it beautifully. The ending of course I will NOT talk about but just get ready. It’ll knock your fucking socks off. So, enjoy my Zombie children. The Walking Dead Season 2 is off to a fantastic start. Recommended.

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