Vic’s Halloween picks-Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby”

Roman Polanski had something to prove when adapting Ira Levin’s classic tale of modern horror. In it’s simplicity Rosemary’s Baby is such a worthy addition to the great horror film canon. The eerie vocal music that starts the film is a sign of great and terrifying things to come. What Polanski sets out to prove is that an engaging horror film needs characters that we care about and sympathize with. Mia Farrow achieves that and more. She excels as Rosemary who is embroiled in a coven of witches that drug her and make her the devil’s concubine.

Ruth Gordon as Minnie Castevet steals every scene she is in as a nosy, irritating and devilishly ditzy neighbor with a terrible knack for trying to get Rosemary to eat her chocolate Mousse. John Cassavetes as Rosemary’s husband gives a rather energetic but subversive performance. But the very scariest performance comes from Gordon’s husband and leader of the coven played by Sydney Blackmer. Blackmer’s Roman is sly, evil, persuasive and smart. He always gives me the willies when I watch this film.

Rosemary’s Baby is a slow, methodical and perpetually menacing film that is so completely involving because of Farrow, Polanski’s tight and frightening direction and the eccentric characters that are so completely off the wall and scary. Enjoy this modern tale of witches that involve poor Rosemary in their devilish agenda. Highly Recommended!

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