“The Walking Dead” Issue #89

Issue 89 of TWD is out, kiddies and here is the breakdown. The cover features Andrea being a total bad ass like always. Inside the book we start off with Nicholas spouting some serious shit to Olivia and the others regarding Rick’s being in charge. He feels that Rick will get them all killed if he remains the leader of the Community. Unfortunately that means killing Rick off. It then gets rather ugly quickly as Glen overhears the whole conversation.

Glen retreats back to his house afraid after getting into an altercation with Nicholas involving a gun. He prepares for a fight with the gang. Meanwhile Andrea consoles Rick who breaks down and bears his soul to her. He tells her that he was brought up with the “boys don’t cry” discipline. But he feels there is much to cry about regarding Carl. He feels that Carl has been too strong to grieve or cry naturally and he resents that. Andrea wishes Rick and Carl well and tries to get Rick to understand that Carl is just a child and will come around. This exchange is the heart of this issue. It is very well written.

After sending Maggie and Sophia to the upper level of his house, Glen awaits Nicholas and the others. They arrive and Glen gets called out by the mob’s leader. He complies but does so brandishing a weapon to protect his family. When he confronts Nicholas, Rick appears and demands answers! Whew! This issue unfolds at breakneck speed before and after the Rick/Andrea scene. Another heart-pounding issue that is well written and drawn. Enjoy my zombie children!

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