Darth Vader screams “Nooooooo!” in new “Jedi” blu ray

God, I am so tired of Lucas and his eternal tinkering. Please let it end.


  1. Meh… saw this yesterday and it really doesn’t bother me and in fact it makes perfect sense if you consider this from the end episode 3.

    It bookends the birth of Darth Vader and the death of Darth Vader.

    In general, Lucas can fine-tune his art anyway he sees fit and I’m indifferent. Purists complain that because it’s not in the original version that there’s something wrong with it. Why? This is purely an emotional and irrational response based on nothing but nostalgia. It’s the same type of fan that criticizes the Star Trek Remasters with the updated CG effects for the sole sake of the art in “that’s not how it was intended by the producers,” when of course this is n’t true. As Bob Justman pointed out, the special effects in the Remasters are how they would have done them in the 1960’s if they had the technology and budgets. With Star Wars, it’s even sillier because Lucas and only Lucas is able to define what the intent of the producers was/is and it changes based on what his feeling is at any moment.

    Gene Roddenberry was once corrected by a fan at a convention for using the phrase “Trekkie” to describe fans instead of the term “Trekker.” Roddenberry’s response was simple: “Don’t tell me what it’s called, I created the damned thing.” The same applies for Lucas. He created the damned thing and what he wants to do with it he has every right to and speaking as a fan, I gotta say, we seriously need to get over ourselves. We don’t own Star Wars nor did we create it. With all of the tweaks and improvements in effects that Lucas has made over the years he has done nothing to diminish or take away from what is without a doubt they greatest Science Fiction film series of all time. Even my biggest complaint of Greedo shooting first is pretty meaningless in the grand scale.

  2. Shawn, while I agree with you that it is Lucas can do anything he wants since it is his art, it does get somewhat annoying. You are also correct in that it is a reaction based on nostalgia, but I think the reason fans get upset goes back to Vic’s reaction of wanting the tinkering to end. The constant changes get annoying after a while and look basically like a cash grab. Speaking for myself, I finally have the original triology in its original form on DVD and am really happy about that. I can now watch the films in the way they first cuaght my attention at any time and, being a fanboy, I’ve pre-ordered the blu-rays, so I will blindly follow Lucas anywhere he goes. The issue really seems to be how many times can Lucas re-edit the films until he is happy, especially since they are Star Wars and are so beloved.I mean, he’s not re-editting Ed Wood moives.

  3. Gerry, great response and I too will continue to follow Lucas into the poor house for every release that comes out. Yes, I admit it… Lucas owns me as does Paramount/CBS for every incarnation of Star Trek that gets released.

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