The Walking Dead Issue #88

Another TWD has arrived at my doorstep and here is the breakdown- Carl has woken up from his coma and does not remember losing his mother and sister. He also does not recognize the doctor and others. Rick tries to reassure him that everything will be ok but he tells the Doctor that he can’t deal with telling Carl about his mother and sister all over again.

Meanwhile, Spencer returns and makes a plea to Andrea to take him back. He appears to be sincere but Andrea rubukes him and rejects his apology. She eventually throws him out of the house in anger.

Carl starts to remember various events and people but Rick eventually tells him about Lori and the baby. He takes it quite well but when Jessie and Ron are mentioned he seems to want to stop talking and go to sleep.

Abe confronts Rick about how little sleep he has gotten and Rick convinces him that he needs to go out with the group to search for food and supplies. Rick then tells Glen that he is sitting this one out since Maggie asked him to let him stay behind just once. Ricks agrees.

As the group heads out they encounter a zombie or two but this issue has very little zombie action since the winter is approaching. But the meat and potatoes of the issue concerns Nicholas who shows great animosity towards Heath and Rick. He tells the group that is left behind that Rick and the rest are a great danger to them all.

All in all a very good issue with little zombie action but a load full of drama and incredible art and dialog. Enjoy, zombie hunters!

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