Netflix Alert – “Dark Shadows” – The Original Series

Netflix has made available 4 collections of this cult/gothic soap opera created by the legendary Dan Curtis. The episodes begin at #210 and continue from there. This leads me to believe that there are some earlier episodes missing from this fabled show.

The show centers on Barnabas Collins, a 175 year old Vampire, who returns to his hometown of Collinsport to try and regain his humanity. As he tries we are also witness to the strange behaviors of the rest of the Collins clan as they encounter ghosts, vampires, witches and even werewolves.

Originally a dark melodrama, Dark Shadows evolved into something else. An enduring and popular gothic series of intelligent proportions. There are great sets, lighting, involving dialog and who can forget that eerie theme music. The show also benefits from being shot in black and white. So be sure to snuggle up with Barnabas Collins and enjoy the episodes that Netflix has made available.


  1. There are no missing episodes. Barnabus didn’t appear until around episode #210, and, consequently, the ones that came before him were never as popular.

    • I do believe there ARE missing episodes from the Netflix collection. I heard reference to a sรฉance in which Josette spoke through Vicki. A Google search indicated that it was episode 170, which Netflix does not have. I can only assume there are even more episodes not on Netflix.

      • Thanks for the info, Peter. Now, I’m very curious. I’ll look into it as well. 170, huh? That episode sounds very cool too. Too bad they don’t have it. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Thanks for reading, Brandon. I was aware that Barnabas appeared later in the show, I wished that earlier episodes, though not as popular, would have been made available. I hope to watch Dark Shadows – “The Beginnings”, the ones without Barnabas. They may be on dvd. Thanks again!

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