The Walking Dead-Issue #86

I get very giddy when a new issue of The Walking Dead arrives. I usually devour it and then re-read again looking for deeper meaning and messages. This absolutely tight and dramatic issue has all of that and more to spare.

We find Rick at Carl’s side waiting for a sign that he is OK. He gets it. Carl coughs and Rick takes it as a good omen. But he is told that perhaps it is just a involuntary movement or reaction. Carl is not out of the woods yet since he is not actually coming out of it. Rick deals with it all accordingly but still hopes for the best.

Rosita heads over to shack up with Eugene after she discovers Abe has been cheating on her. Eugene is at first reluctant but he lets her stay. Rick leaves Carl’s side for a while to rest when he comes across Michonne at Morgan’s grave. She tells Rick that she wanted to actually build a life with Morgan but should have known that it would never had lasted.

Andrea also heads up a group for firearms training and the band of survivors run into some roamers. Rick confesses to Andrea that he had always based choices and decisions solely on protecting his family and not the whole group. She re-assures him that everything is fine and he feels that his new perspective will help everyone live safer in the community.

This was a breezy issue with plenty of heart and hope throughout. Michonne’s grieving was a high point of the issue as was Carl’s bedside vigil. Enjoy!

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