James Wan- 3 for 3

Starting with Saw, then Dead Silence and eventually Insidious, James Wan is knocking ’em dead. He is a talented movie director with a eye for arresting images, quick but evocative cuts and compositions. He can maintain mood and build suspense. I was impressed by Dead Silence which I saw recently. It is a ghost / revenge story that is a bit flashy but none the less very creepy and interesting. Without spoiling the plot, it involves a dead Ventriloquist that has a very horrific back story that affects our protagonist and his family. Of course it takes place in a very desolate and barren town that is in fear of the legend of Mary Shaw and her wooden dummies who are the centerpieces of this cool little film. It has a wonderful twist that is not telegraphed until the end. I highly recommend it. More to come on Wan.

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