The Walking Dead

My 13 year old Daughter, Marisa and I have a great thing in common. Zombies. Yeah you read that right. Zombies.

I’m 41 years old, so, yeah, I go way back with the Zombies. You know, Starting with the classic Romero films like “Night” and “Dawn”. I used to go with some very close friends to the Midnight showings in the Bronx whenever “Dawn” was screened. Great stuff. Zombie movies go back even earlier than that. “White Zombie”, “Zombies of the Stratosphere” and so on. But Romero’s zombie template of the languid, mindless flesh eaters are what my daughter and I have grown to love over the years. I know. Pretty sick , huh?

For Marisa I think it started with the re-make of “Dawn”. She loved that they were FAST and that they worked things out. Then we watched the original “Dawn” and she loved the guerrilla style, low budget, nuts and bolts approach. I told her that it wasn’t done like that on purpose. Romero had much to say with very little money to say it with. She loved the make up effects (especially when “Miguel” takes a big, slow bite of his wife’s neck) and when she would scream and yell out in repulsion it was with a glee and excitement for actually disbeleiving what she was seeing. “Oh my God! That looked awesome! How did they get away with that”? was always one of my favorite responses from her.

One thing I love about Marisa is that she can appreciate the pre-CGI horror films and likes watching how the old school make up creations of Tom Savini and Dick Smith (The Exorcist) are executed using the tried and true standards that have shocked moviegoers to this day. Besides that if it has a good story she can excuse any effects shortcomings of the day.

The Zombies being slow didn’t bug her it was that they took their time getting to the food. I told her it was called a build up and it creates suspense and tension. I told her it feels like a knot in your stomach. She knew what I was Talking about. She then consumed all things Zombie. “Shaun of the Dead”, “Day of the Dead”, the remakes of “Night” and the sequel “Land of the Dead” by Romero. Some nights we would laugh ourselves into fits watching the really bad zombie films that the Sc Fi channel would vomit out every week.

The I told her about “The Walking Dead” comic book series by Kirkman and Moore. She looked puzzled. She asked me, “They make comics about Zombies”? I told her that there are even graphic novels out.

That is when things really changed. More to come

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