Physicist Michio Kaku

I’ve begun reading 2 very interesting books by Michio Kaku, co-creator of the “Superstring” Theory.

One is called Einstein’s Cosmos.  Which so far is a very accessible, well written and often humorous account of our beloved Einstein’s revelations regarding space and time.

The other is “Parallel Universe” Which I find a bit more heady and challenging but if anyone out there has read it please leave me a note and we can discuss.

I really like Michio.  I discovered him early last year when I began to see him everywhere on the History Channel.  He’s personable and connects with layguys like me who TOTALLY don’t get Physics but are so enthralled by the science and complexity of it.  I looked him up on WikiPedia and discovered so much more about him.  I’ll be writing much more about him,  I’m sure.


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