Meditate THAT!

I wish I had more time to meditate. I really do. I want to just Chant my ass away and visualize waterfalls and beaches and think about nothing. I’d love to light 72 candles and sit in some shrine somewhere and just sit on a bamboo mat and picture stars and galaxies and rainbows. But somehow I have to find other methods. And I have.

I sometimes Meditate by DOING things. I know. That makes absolutely no sense, right? How can you unwind and shake, melt and think your stresses away?

People do it all the time. They swim. They ride bikes. They walk. They Jog. But do these activities constitute what Meditation is all about?

I have no frakkin idea. But I do try to unwind in other ways and try to hand things like stress, troubles, uncertainty and negativity over to my higher power.

What IS my higher power?  I don’t know really.  I guess God,  Jesus.  Others may have other deities or beings as their higher power and that is very fine and good.  I don’t care if your higher power is an empty can of Pepsi but just as long as you realize that you cannot control or handle everything in life,  you can really start to let go of things you have no power over.  Let God let Go they always say.  It can put things n perspective for sure.

I listen to Film Scores on my Creative Zen Mp3 player.   Alot of classical.  Bach,  I love Beethoven,  Bartok,  Mozart of course.  I currently unwind with a collection of songs I found with some great pieces by Andrew Davis from the BBC Symphony.  It’s called “Bedtime Beats”  It does the job when I have had a busy and rough turn in at CPAP XPress.  “Fantasia on Greensleeves”  is a masterful piece with articulate strings and flutes played wonderfully and I do begin to have out of body type episodes just listening to it.  Music,  I should bet safely to say is the one and foremost outlet for me to destress and unwind.  No surprise there.

I’ll follow up with the film scores I listen to and mental excercises I use to meditate soon.

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